I-VIEW at the GPA Expo TAIPEI 2013 surpasses expectations
Release Date:2013-10-14

“I-View at the GPA Expo once again surpassed expectations as the premier security procurement exhibition”, from the keynote speech by the president of I-View, James Ou. The sixteenth annual expo took place at Taipei World Trade Center, Nangang Exhibition Hall, between the October 8th and 9th, 2013. According to preliminary figures, there were 50 exhibitors and the expo attracted more than 10,000 attendees.


“This year’s event once again exceeded our expectations and proved the impeccable reputation of I-View, especially when it comes to exploring new surveillance products and gaining valuable knowledge from a comprehensive seminar from different clients,” said James. According to Albert, the outstanding result should contribute to the successful launch of I-View's new Fisheye camera, featuring a 5 megapixel 2592x1920 resolution and 360° surround view & 180° panoramic view virtual ePTZ suit for various surveillance applications. The overwhelming demand for this camera has once again proved that I-View's investment in R&D, dedicated to developing the newest technology and continuously improving hardware and software integration, is the right decision.


The FE-5MIPN is not the only model that performs well. I-View’s dome, bullet, box and speed dome camera series, served as the “eye” of the public transportation, which played a key role in Turkey, 2013. Next year, I-View will once again demonstrate outstanding performance at the Intersac Expo from January 19th – 21st, 2014, in Dubai.